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The World Health Organization (WHO) will meet next week to answer the burning question on everyone's minds: is monkeypox a world health emergency?

Officials have reported more than 3,000 confirmed or suspected cases of the virus so far this year, and it's been spotted in many countries where it hasn't typically been seen in years past.

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The CEO of Klarna, a Swedish payments firm, may have just one-upped when it comes to announcing mass layoffs.

Sebastian Siemiatkowski announced this week that 700 employees or about 10% of the company's staff were being laid off — and he reportedly did it by sending out a pre-recorded video with the news.

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There's no question that the pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. One of the significant shifts has been the ways in which we socialize and, in turn, begin new relationships.

Dating during COVID-19 is a whole new world and, according to a Canadian dating and relationships coach, some changes might be here to stay. 

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What a journey! The White House just shared a meme about Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden and it shows just how far the duo have come together. 

On February 24, a day after their first face-to-face meeting as leaders, the White House official Twitter page shared two photos of them together.

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It was good vibes all around from Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden after a meeting between the two on Tuesday afternoon.

The two world leaders met back in 2016 when Biden was vice president, and it's clear that their friendship hasn't lessened since then.

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