meghan markle toronto

If you've so much as glanced at the news lately, you've likely seen Meghan Markle splashed across the headlines. The former actor recently shared her side of the events that lead up to her and Harry's controversial exit from the royal family in the Netflix series Harry & Meghan.

Before all of the royal drama, however, Meghan was an actor right here in Toronto, and locals are now sharing their experiences with her in a Reddit thread.

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Meghan Markle called out the Toronto Police Service for not helping her when paparazzi were "stalking" her in Toronto.

In the second episode of her new Netflix series, Harry & Meghan, she recalls being in Toronto when paparazzi descended on her home and began to swarm her life.

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You and the Duchess of Sussex could have a few things in common, apart from being married to a prince, of course. Meghan Markle's Toronto life was actually pretty relatable, and she lived just like a local during her time in the city.

The former actress called Toronto home for several years while filming the television series Suits. During this time, she visited tons of spots around the city, from flower shops to restaurants. If you love doing any of these things, you and the Duchess may not have such different lives after all.

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