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Keeping the romance alive in a relationship is so important; the longer you're together the more you start to feel the fire fizzle, but it doesn't have to. Sometimes you just need to take yourself a romantic vacation for 2, starting with affordable rentals in Florida to get you out and exploring. This tiny house in Sarasota might actually just be a good contender. 

The Lido Tiny Home in Sarasota sits tucked away on a shared wooded lot, creating a feeling of seclusion and privacy. Since it's only for 2, tell your friends you've got plans and if you've got kids, get a sitter & treat yourself to a date weekend away from the world.

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Let's be real: at the end of a very long day, there is nothing on this earth that feels quite as amazing as finally snuggling up in your comfortable, relaxing, cozy bed.

Well, almost nothing that is. Either way, no matter what your late night activities may be, you can't deny that one tool in particular will help you live your best nighttime life. There's only one thing that'll keep you comfortable and relaxed enough to keep enjoying your sleep (or any other activities you might be doing) throughout the night.

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