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Police are asking for the public's help in investigating a potential abduction in Toronto's High Park area.

A woman was reportedly seen being pushed into a car by two men at 11:30 p.m. on Saturday night near the park and police say they're concerned for her safety. 

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Three years after the rampage took place, the Toronto Van Attack verdict was handed down on March 3.

But even though this individual trial is over, one Ontario expert says the case could have long-standing repercussions for Canadians.

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A gender study has revealed just how big the wage gap in Canada is between men and women.

The Canadian Encyclopedia has shed light on some data showcasing how gender norms are still prevalent within the country and the ways it has affected the pockets of Canadians

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It looks like two thieves got caught red-handed after a Toronto store robbery. 

Two Toronto men were arrested last month after stuffing a bunch of meat in a suitcase and fleeing the West End spot. 

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The monolith in Atascadero, California is gone as quickly as it arrived, sticking around for a lot less time than its mysterious predecessors in Utah and Romania, after being torn down by a group of young men yesterday evening.

The men, who drove up to Pine Mountain specifically to vandalize the monolith, live-streamed themselves tearing down the monolith while chanting "Christ is king."

The men filmed their drive to Atascadero, stopping for Monster energy drinks along the way, and shared the video to a blockchain streaming site (which contains extremely NSFW offensive, racist, and homophobic remarks).

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