Right now, there’s no question that we’re living in challenging times filled with social isolation, uncertainty, and loneliness. Honestly, it’s no surprise that the pandemic has led to a global shift in mental health.

With so many disruptions brought on by the pandemic, Canadians are reporting more mental health-related issues and stress month over month. A *Movember study released in May 2020 showed nearly half (40%) of Canadian men say no one has asked them how they are coping during lockdown. It’s safe to say that this year is proving challenging for even the most resilient among us.

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Would you believe me if I told you I haven't gotten a haircut at a barbershop in 7 years? Well, it's true - since I graduated high school in 2010, I've been cutting my own hair myself, and it's saved me thousands of dollars.

Before I continue: This post is not intended to rid barbers of business whatsoever! Its whole purpose is simply to introduce to you to one way you can save if you're ever in a situation where money is tight. Please continue to support your local barbers and the great work that they do!

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