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Oh New Year's Eve... it's a love/hate relationship for us Torontonians. While it is a big night filled with glitz, glamour, and champagne, it also has it's downfalls: it's expensive, it's cold, and it's all around a little bit of a mess.

After all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, don't you just want a stress free New Year's Eve where your not responsible for all your drunk friends getting into a King St bar? Well we're giving you an easy escape: The Montreal Old Port is always magical, but even more so during this time of the year.

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After eating, drinking, and being merry during the holidays, there’s nothing like a good New Years Eve party to let off some steam and start the new year right with your squad! We all know there’s a lot happening on New Years in the Six, but if you’re anything like us and aren’t feeling the NYE club scene, a quick getaway to MTL for a trendy New Years Eve party is the perfect way to switch things up.

The New Year’s Eve Party is a massive event and a part of Merry Montreal (or Montreal en Fêtes), which is hosting a ton of awesome festivities and outdoor activities like Holiday Film Screenings and Christmas Karaoke. The awesome NYE Party this year promises to be unforgettable, kicking off with a large firework display over the Saint-Lawrence river followed by an outdoor dance party and performances by artists like Scott Helman and Son Real.

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