meteor shower tonight

There's a chance that a rare meteor shower outburst could cause up to 100 meteors to streak across the sky in Canada tonight during the Leonid meteor shower!

According to The Weather Network, the Leonids mostly pass by without causing a spectacle but overnight from Friday, November 18 to Saturday, November 19 could be very different.

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Canada is no stranger to meteor showers but parts of the country could see a unique "meteor storm" because of a comet that has split apart.

According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, on the night of May 30 and overnight into May 31, a new meteor shower known as the Tau Herculids could make an appearance and even turn into a storm.

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It's never a bad week when you can end it with a meteor shower — especially when it's a super easy one to watch.

The Draconid meteor shower is already underway and it's expected to peak right around dusk on Friday, according to the pros at EarthSky

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