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If you fancy yourself a beer connoisseur and you haven't heard of Brewer's Row, then you're missing out on this hidden gem. This tiny street filled with craft breweries often goes unnoticed. Murray Street aka Brewer's Row is nestled in the heart of Port Moody, situated right across from Rocky Point Park!

All four breweries are relatively small in size, which makes the experience a lot more intimate. All of the breweries produce beer in-house and serve on tap! You can sip their craft beers while watching the brewmaster work in the back. Most of the breweries have an open floor concept so it's easy to watch the brewing process. If you're into brewing, you will totally nerd out over this!

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Chances are, your version of a perfect summer day probably includes a stopover at your absolute favourite restaurant, maybe sipping on some ice cold beer, noshing on some good food, and most likely chilling on a patio. 

And chilling on a patio at your favourite restaurant is guaranteed to make you feel like you're on vacation, even if it's 6:00 PM on a Monday and you've got to get up for work the next day. Which is fine... to be honest, it's important to live these little summer moments to the fullest. Definitely with your loved ones, too (AKA your boyfriend, girlfriend, and/or friends). 

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