miette hot springs

There's nothing in the world like Iceland's Blue Lagoon, but these hot springs in Canada might be as close as you can get without actually leaving the country.

Luckily for those that love to soak, Canada has tons of beautiful hot springs and geothermal pools, both natural and man-made, in national parks and dreamy resorts.

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For a lot of couples, deciding what to do on date night can be the most difficult decision (if not most difficult, it falls shortly after the "what should we eat?" debate). If you've been together long enough, it might start to feel like you've done everything there is to do in your city, at least twice.

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Many of us dread the colder months in Alberta. And apart from Christmas and certain seasonal winter activities/sports, there’s really not much people are happy about (unless you’re super into shoveling snow...to each their own).

However, I’ve found that barricading yourself indoors only adds to the misery. Winter can actually be enjoyed if you force yourself out of your home and get out there and explore. And our province has some great things to offer that will help make winter a season you can actually look forward to (well—one that’s more bearable, at the very least).

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