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There's this awkward stage you hit in your early twenties. After you've crushed a few too many Palm Bays and been up and down the Granville Entertainment District a few too many times (you know what I'm talking about). Going downtown just doesn't make sense, because for you twenty-year-old-grandmas, bedtime is at 10 PM sharp. 

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Apparently, your 20s are supposed to be the best time of your life! I've only lived to my mid-20s so I don't have much else to compare it too, but so far so good! We have the best of both worlds being in our 20s. We're old enough to work and young enough to spend it all on living awesome lives! (besides tuition, rent, or any of those other grown-up necessities)

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What better way to combat the snow than with some hot delicious Ramen? If there is anyone who needs good soup, it's definitely Winnipeggers.  We work hard to get our cars out of the snow or make it to work somewhat on time. So when those blizzards strike, make sure your meal warms you up just right.

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Right in the center of Canada, is Winnipeg. Although we're central, people tend to skip right over us. Winnipeg is a place where unless you're from around here, there are some things that might just confuse the fvck out of you. Have you ever had that conversation about your weekend plans just to get stopped when someone says "What's a Social?".

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We're not a big major city, so yeah we don't always get all the good flight deals, even if new travel sites are making things better! Long road trips can get expensive and who has money for all those hotels or Airbnb's? We have some great places to visit here that you probably wouldn't have expected were right in your own backyard.

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