Two Vancouver Police officers handcuffed an Indigenous man and his granddaughter outside of a Bank of Montreal branch, and have now been ordered to be suspended.

The officers were found to have "acted oppressively in their dealings," according to a decision posted on the Heiltsuk Nation website on Wednesday.

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A dentist in Kamloops, B.C., is now permanently banned from sedating patients after multiple incidents, including giving an 18-year-old a lifelong brain injury.

The incident leading to the permanent brain injury of the young woman occurred in 2012, when the dentist, Dr. Bobby Rishiraj, operated on the patient for a wisdom teeth removal.

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A plan was introduced on Wednesday morning by Canada's top military commander, General Jonathan Vance, after The Department of National Defence called sexual misconduct "a wicked problem" in The Canadian Armed Forces.

The new approach's goal is to start a program called, The Path Towards Dignity and Respect, that will draw focus to Operation Honour, and address the fundamentals of sexual misconduct.

Operation Honour has faced nation-wide backlash since reports of sexual misconduct within our military came to light in 2013, claiming that authorities aren't doing enough to crack down on this issue.

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