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Tucked away in Kananaskis, Alberta is a hidden oasis called Mist Mountain Hot Spring that has two natural pools of refreshing, warm water.  

The small, natural hot tubs are an offshoot of the Mist Mountain Trail hike and while the hike may be difficult, it's absolutely worth the journey. 

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Ottawa isn't a city known for its film scene. Neither is it very spooky. It's actually one of the safest cities in the country. We've had some stuff filmed here before, but if something is going to be filmed in Canada it will probably be in Toronto. Or Vancouver. Montreal, too, maybe.

That isn't to say we can let our imaginations run wild. Ottawa has a lot of potential for film scouts, but in the past they just decided to choose other destinations anyway. If history were different (or maybe if people knew where Ottawa was), some horror movies probably could have been filmed here.

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