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Someone at Ontario's beloved amusement park, Canada's Wonderland, actually has jokes and they're secretly pranking visitors on the daily. How you may ask? Well, it's hidden in plain sight, but we are going to guide you through it.

Before making a trip to Wonderland, you're probably going to want to look through the website to buy tickets or see if there are any big updates you should know about before hitting up the park.

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Everybody and their mom are probably on Snapchat by now, but a lot of people still only know the basics of the photo-based app - snap a photo, add a line of text or an emoji or two, and send to friends or publish to your Story. But there's more to Snapchat than meets the eye, and a few of these hidden features could really up your Snap game if you know how to use 'em right! Check the list out below, and don't forget to leave a comment if we've missed any other fun  Snap hacks!

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