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If you've lived in YYC for over a year, it's safe to say you can start considering yourself a Calgarian. You've probably gotten used to our ever-changing weather, and being cut off every 5 minutes while driving on Deerfoot, but have you had the chance to experience everything this city has to offer?

Calgary easily has some of the best restaurants you'll find in Alberta. From ramen, to milkshakes, to tacos, to brunch, we've really got it all. We've compiled a list of Calgary's absolute best foods; things that you can't not eat while you live here. How many have you crossed off? Are you a true Calgarian?

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Chances are, you and your friends enjoy grabbing food together. How often do you get to treat yourself to something nice, though? And I'm not talking about dine-in at McDonald's instead of drive-thru.

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Just about every couple knows the all too real struggle that comes along with deciding where to eat. The infamous "I don't know, you pick" is probably the number one cause of disagreements in millenial's relationships. Imagine, if you will, a world where you and bae can pick from a bucket list of great restaurants around Calgary so you can stop arguing and start eating. 

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Valentine's Day (or as some like to call it "Singles Awareness Day") is right around the corner and it's time to make some plans to celebrate the day of love. While some may think of this as the day where all the cute couples post nauseatingly cute photos of each other on the internet with lengthy, disgusting captions about how much they love them... I think that this is the day you appreciate the person you love the most, your best friend.

Think about it, you and your best friend are basically a couple (with restrictions, of course). They pretend to be your significant other when some random tries to get your number at the club. They are the first to like all your IG photos and comment on how great your butt looks in those jeans. They comfort you in the hardest times and they are your number one "Netflix and chill" partner. And you don't even have to fight over what to watch because you both have identical taste in movies and TV shows. You can finally keep up with the Kardashians without a single complaint.

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