In their latest modelling projections, Ontario officials said that new daily case numbers could get higher again if COVID-19 virus variants in Ontario begin to spread more and more.

Presenting the modelling on Thursday, officials said that the virus variants pose "a very big challenge" for containing the disease.

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Doug Ford confirmed that more measures are on their way after a report indicated that Ontario's modelling data shows that our daily case count is only going up.

According to a CBC article published on Monday morning, sources who have seen the province's new modelling data say Ontario will reach 6,000 new COVID-19 cases a day by the end of the month. 

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Doug Ford confirmed that new COVID-19 measures for Ontario will be announced on Tuesday.

Ford confirmed the impending announcement after Monday's cabinet meeting.

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A new map of COVID-19 hotspots in Canada shows that so many more places are considered to have high rates of infection now.

Updated data and modelling was released by the Public Health Agency of Canada on November 20.

They've also released a map showing health regions across the country. The map is colour coded based on the rates of COVID-19 cases over the last two weeks and a lot more places have a higher rate now.

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When it comes to COVID-19 hotspots in Canada, there are even more places in the country that can be called that.

The Public Health Agency of Canada released new data and modelling on October 30 which included a map of rates of COVID-19 infection.

As of October 27, 34 health regions in the country reported more than 50 cases per 100,000 people in the previous 14 days.

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