molson canadian amphitheatre

Toronto's favourite summer concert venue celebrated its 20th anniversary this May.

There is nothing more enchanting than a warm summer night down by the waterfront, listening to your favourite artist or band while standing amongst the dense crowd at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre. Known as Toronto’s unofficial summer concert venue the amphitheatre is only open from June thru till Sept which makes catching a concert there within these four short months a truly special event.

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Photo cred - brunettebitch

Concerts are a way of life for many people in Toronto and it works out really well because this is a terrific city for live music. There are usually a ton of options when it comes to a night of live music and debauchery with your friends.

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Photo cred - Shaheen Karolia

Not only is Drake a Toronto treasure, he also just seems like a really chill guy. He knows how to laugh at himself, he's nice to his fans, and he loves his mom. What's not to love about that? He also hangs out here in his home town quite often. You may be asking "Where? How come I never see him here?" Well, never fear, because here are some of the places he's most likely to be when he's about TO-town. Although I wouldn't advise camping out at any of these places and waiting for him. That wouldn't be fun for either of you.

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