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If you've ever dreamt about what it's like to step on the moon, one Canadian company has devised a pretty unique way for you to find out.

Canada-based Architectural Design and Intellectual Property Licensor, Moon World Resorts Inc. (MWR), is currently reaching for the stars with ambitious plans for a moon-shaped mega-resort.

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NASA will launch its Artemis I rocket to the moon, but not today.

The space agency's largest-ever rocket was sitting on the launch pad and about 40 minutes from takeoff when officials paused and ultimately scrubbed the launch Monday morning due to technical issues.

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NASA is expected to take its first steps toward returning to the moon this year, and retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield couldn’t be more excited.

The former commander of the International Space Station recently spoke to Narcity about the near future of space travel, including NASA's plans to visit the moon, as part of the Audi Innovation Series.

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A suspected Chinese rocket booster slammed into the moon on Friday, leaving a huge (and embarrassing) crater that'll probably be there for ever.

So... oops?

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The full moon put on a spectacular show in Canada during the rare partial lunar eclipse overnight and the photos are stunning!

On the night of November 18 and into the morning of November 19, the moon passed through Earth's shadow and a red hue washed over it with just the smallest sliver illuminated in bright white light.

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