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Toronto is buzzing with excitement as celebrities descend on the city for the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival.

The festival kicked off on Thursday and there are many actors and musicians making their way to the Canadian city on Friday and throughout the weekend.

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Your experience at Cineplex VIP Cinemas just got a tropical upgrade with tasty new drinks from Malibu Rum. Because what better way is there to beat the summer heat than chilling in the cinema while sipping on a fun and fresh cocktail?

From July 10 to September 3, Malibu is serving summery cocktails at select Cineplex VIP Cinemas near you. With refreshing flavours and tropical notes to choose from — combined with a good movie, of course — you're in for the complete sensory experience.

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If you are a fan of The Fast & Furious franchise and are in need of some extra cash, then there is a job opportunity that may be perfect for you.

FinanceBuzz, an informational website that provides tips and recommendations on financial decisions, is looking for someone to binge all 10 films and will pay you $1,000 for your time.

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This Opinion article is part of a Narcity Media series. The views expressed are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.

Blockbuster is teasing yet another comeback this spring, and as a former employee who loved working there in my teens, I really wish they'd just give it up.

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While much of the film world has been preoccupied with the final days of award season, Chandler Levack has been busy rolling out her debut feature film, I Like Movies.

A vet of short films and music videos, Levack made the most of a $125,000 Talent to Watch grant from Telefilm Canada, crafting a coming-of-age comedy that is perplexingly universal for a film set in the Toronto suburbs in the early aughts — back when Swollen Members' Fuel Injected ruled the CanCon-constricted airwaves and Paul Thomas Anderson-obsessed film nerds dreamed of making it big stateside.

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