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Canadian businesses have been hit hard due to the global pandemic.

It's been such a big hit that to help boost the economy, Canada has plans to open its doors to over 1.2 million new immigrants in the next three years, according to CBC News.

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Nowadays, it seems that all millennials do and talk about is travelling. It is all about going on an adventure, leaving daily routines behind and exploring all the world has to offer. It is about discovering oneself; about becoming a changed person and growing into who we are meant to be. I personally hate the phrase "finding yourself," is it like one big cliche - what do you mean, were you literally lost or are you using the word "lost" as a metaphor? And if so, what does it even mean to be metaphorically lost? Lost inside yourself? What could possibly happen out there that makes you a changed person? It honestly made no sense at all to me.

For a long time I had just assumed my fellow millennials were watching to much Eat Pray Love and that was where this obsession of wanderlust came from. I couldn't relate; I had previously never had an unexplainable desire to hop on a plane and go backpacking around the globe. Of course there are amazing cities and counties I want to visit one day, however, I have never felt the impulse to get up and leave in a single moment. But then I moved to Toronto and started to understand what everyone else was talking about.

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Love, it's a four letter word that is simple to read, write and comprehend. Love can be defined as a simple admiration and longing for someone who simply makes you happy. Simple-- love should just be a simple concept, right? Something as simple as the word 'love' is in fact not as simple when it comes to 21st century dating. Back in the day, the social norms of love were very rigid and strict as people were ignorant to a lot of issues that have been dealt with and addressed in this day and age. Now what was incredibly taboo not even 15 years ago is now becoming more normalized and welcomed. LGBTQ couples are becoming more and more accepted by society, and now interracial dating is also becoming more and more popular.

I mean, it's honestly not all that taboo when you logically think about it. I personally think that if you truly love a person, you love them for their soul and not just for the colour of their skin. Love is definitely so much deeper than the physical and should be concentrated on the content of one's character. Unfortunately, although it is definitely becoming less of a social issue today, interracial is a lot more difficult than you'd think.

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Summer time in Vancouver is the best time of year to do one thing: eat. Food festivals are waiting for you and your friends to have the best time ever!

To everyone who's on a diet, do yourself a favour and postpone it to September! Summer is all about enjoying life without worrying about anything (especially weight!). What I love about Vancouver is how all those food festivals will show light on a particular food culture! Get a taste of the diverse and rich culture the city offers you!

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There are many reasons to love Toronto, but perhaps the best reason is that it has a vibrant multicultural population. Just a few weeks ago, the BBC declared Toronto as the most multicultural city in the world, and that's something Torontonians should be proud of.

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