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This is concerning. Cases of COVID-19 in First Nation communities in Canada are on the rise.

Since the middle of August, there has been a significant weekly increase in the number of new and active cases of the virus in First Nation communities.

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A major part of adulthood is owning a home, something that feels out of reach for young adults across the U.S. right now according to a new study. A large portion of young Floridians even expect to never purchase real estate in Florida.

According to the new study conducted by Apartment List, Renters across the nation plan to always rent — Tampa renters surpass the national average of 12.3% with nearly 15% expecting to be stuck renting throughout their entire lifetime.

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Tomorrow is finally Canada Day! Like every year, you'll be able to enjoy this holiday by attending the Parade, watching the Fireworks and of course being put into a food coma at Steveston Salmon Festival. The world is your oyster on our national day!

If you would like to try something different this year, Vancouver is the best place to have the most enjoyable Canada Day in the country! Get a good night of sleep today because tomorrow is going the be CRAZY in your favourite city. Forget about the word "bored" as Vancouver has a large range of awesome events to offer you:

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Jeudi prochain, nos cousins les Français célèbrent leur fête nationale! Qu'on soit récemment débarqués de ce pays, qu'on ait du sang français ou encore qu'on soit juste vraiment attirés par cette culture, le 14 juillet est la date parfaite pour fêter un pays duquel on est proches linguistiquement et culturellement.

Si tu as envie de fêter ça en grand, rends-toi au Parc La Fontaine mardi. L'Union Française est l'organisatrice de cet événement qui promet d'être très populaire. Ça va être LE rassemblement à Montréal pour l'occasion... Au programme, on retrouve entre autres une chorale débarquée tout droit de la France ainsi que du Bubble Football pour que tu puisses t'essayer au soccer dans une grande bulle. Ça va être MALADE!

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