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If you're all about that pumpkin spiced life and your PSL (Pumpkin Spiced Latte) game is strong, you will love these! Pumpkin spice everything, am I right!?

Starbucks is great but our locals have taken that pumpkin spice to a new level. The perfect pair for your latte. By the time fall is over you'll be so pumpkin spiced out, but that's fine because then it'll be peppermint time!

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It's just about Halloween and all of those awesome scary attractions will be opening up! Manitoba has haunted houses, forests, trains, zombie chases, corn mazes, pumpkin patches and tons more.

If you're a horror fanatic and went out to see the new "IT" movie that just came out, Six Pines has some extra scary clowns this year. They will be there just waiting to scare the sh*t out of you!

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The struggle of going back to school is real. Those first few weeks always take some getting used to. Lectures paired with chapters and chapters of reading can get boring pretty quick.

Not all classes are boring though! Study abroad programs offer the opportunity to learn while travelling the world and having insane experiences. Check out the programs and see just what craziness the world has to offer!

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Are you freaking ready? Because the Food Truck Wars are finally here! This year there are over 45 food trucks participating in the Food Truck Wars. With so many amazing trucks and foods, it's hard to know what to get. Click here if you want to see the entire list of trucks.

If you aren't familiar with the Food Truck Wars, it's part of the annual Manyfest festival downtown. All the food trucks compete with one another and we get to vote for the best! To vote you can fill out a ballot at the festival or tweet @DowntownWpgBIZ using the hashtag #ManyFest with the name of your favourite food truck.

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