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If you're busy making plans for summer, you might want to set some time aside for binge-watching because Netflix Canada has released its June list and there's a whole lot to unpack here.

First and foremost, this sees the return of some of your favourite TV characters as new seasons of popular shows are to be released soon.

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The air is starting to get crisp, the leaves are beginning to change colour and pumpkin spice lattes are available almost everywhere you look, which means it's the perfect time to binge a TV show with cozy and spooky vibes for fall.

Whether you're rewatching or viewing them for the first time, these shows will put you in the mood for cool autumn air, cable-knit sweaters and ghostly tales.

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Canadian actor Dan Levy is officially joining the cast of Netflix's Sex Education for season four!

The streaming service shared with Narcity on August 19, 2022, that the stars of Sex Education are back and currently filming new episodes of the series, with Levy coming on for the fourth season.

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