new movies 2022

A movie theatre worker in B.C. shares all of his behind-the-scenes knowledge on TikTok, including which movies to avoid at all costs. His choices struck a chord with people on TikTok, and the debate got pretty heated.

In the cinema employee’s opinion, there were some major movie flops in 2022. Dylan Kruyt, @dajk99 on TikTok, didn't hold back, calling out flicks starring major celebs like Kristen Stewart and Kevin Hart in his list of the worst movies from each month of 2022.

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Scrolling through the seemingly never-ending lists of movies and shows, on multiple streaming platforms can feel overwhelming. Half of the time it seems to take longer to select what to watch than it does to actually watch something.

Never fear, there are tons of new things to watch on Disney Plus and Prime Video right now, so if you need a break from Netflix you can easily find something good to binge. Here are new movies and shows that will be available in April.

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Get ready to spend some more time on the couch, Netflix Canada has tons of new movies and shows that are coming this February.

You will be able to watch new seasons of your favourite shows including Love is Blind, Sweet Magnolias, Toy Boy and Swap Shop.

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