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As Canada soldiers through its fight against COVID-19, my memories of all the pre-pandemic annoyances of a typical busy day in Toronto seem to fade further and further away.

As an ode to all the things I love to hate about living in Toronto, here are six struggles I won't dare complain about when life in our vibrant city returns to normal.

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For most of us, it has been officially more than one year since we made our last set of Friday night plans.

In place of bars, movie theatres and nightclubs, we've been filling our weekends with Netflix and, well, usually more Netflix. But just because our plans have to be lowkey doesn't mean they can't still be fun.

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Self-care is an excellent thing to strive for, but it can sometimes be misunderstood.

When it comes to taking care of yourself, it's not all yoga pants, face masks and sipping tea. Self-care can also be a soul-fueling adventure, fresh air and wide-open spaces.

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Instant noodles just got an insane makeover thanks to the new Patois Cup Noodle in Toronto.

Created by Patois and Bar Mignonette, the limited-edition Night Market Cup Noodle is being sold this week only, and it will transport you to a drool-worthy food festival.

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Tired? You’re not alone! New research from Sleep Country Canada and SleepScore Labs has found that the average sleep time for Canadians is pretty short — with the majority of people snoozing for just 6 hours per night.

The study, shared with Narcity, analyzed over 94,000 nights of data from users via the SleepScore mobile app. 

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