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Si tu savais déjà que ta métropole était the place to be, tu en as maintenant une confirmation de plus. La chaîne de grands magasins allemands Peek & Cloppenburg a publié son classement des meilleures villes au monde pour la Génération Z. Sur cent villes étudiées, Montréal se trouve en septième position avec un score global de 95,4/100.

Alors que les Z commencent leur carrière professionnelle, la société Urbanity Impact a analysé les meilleures villes pour permettre à la génération de s'épanouir. « Comme point de départ, Urbanity Impact a compilé une liste de villes bien connues à travers le monde. La base en était la réputation de destinations pour les jeunes et les villes particulièrement adaptées aux exigences des générations précédentes (telles que la génération Y et la génération X) », explique la société.

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Have you always wanted to party on a plane without it becoming an international headline?

An old Boeing 747 Negus is suddenly the newest nightclub-for-rent in the U.K., after its owners bought it for £1 and gave it a much-needed upgrade.

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When you think of the Prairies, the first thing that might come to mind is an endless expanse of fields stretching out as far as the eye can see, but there’s so much more to them than that. In fact, the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta are some of the most beautiful and affordable places to live and visit in Canada.

From unique sightseeing spots to perfect towns to settle down in and set up shop (quite literally, if you’re looking to open up a small business), here’s what makes the Prairies so great. 

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Port Coquitlam is definitely one of a kind. It's the city we hate to say we're from but tbh, we all have amazing memories of growing up in this small suburban city.

If you grew up in PoCo then you know there's 1. A lot of drinking involved 2. We have a ton of town spirit. It's the town we all love to hate. This quirky little city is known for our legendary house parties and our famous hometown serial killer, Willie Pickton.

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Stop. I know what you were about to do. You had thoughts on travelling to Vancouver and probably started googling "Things to do in Vancouver" and the first thing that came up was a Trip Advisor ad.

We're going to tell you right now that your typical travel guide is going to suggest some overrated, overcrowded tourist attraction that everyone already knows about and you'll probably already go to anyway.

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