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A burst of spring snow came down in parts of Newfoundland on April 15 and people hopped on Twitter to share their hilariously tragic reactions to it.

According to The Weather Network, Newfoundland typically gets between 15 to 25+ centimetres of snow in April but these tweets show that quite a few people don't welcome it.

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So you've lived in St. John's all your life. Some things are easier to get used to than others. Like when you finally find a parking spot after looking 5 minutes — we both know dreams like this don't come true in downtown St. John's. You get used to the fog horn blowing all hours of the day, or the casual skipper stumbling home from their walk of shame. 

While some of these things fit into your daily routine there are other occurrences that are a little harder to adapt to. If you are living in St. John's then you know what I'm about to list. If you're new to the area then you're in for a real treat.

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Some of the worst winds Newfoundland has seen in 40 years blew through our province over the weekend! They battered Newfoundland all over the island from coast to coast, snapping telephone poles, destroying rooftops and ripping off traffic lights. Up to 70, 000 people were out of power that lasted in through Sunday. The city completely shut down — even Tim Horton's closed.

If you were one of the lucky ones that didn't sustain any damage it was quite a show. Take in all the crazy photos we included below, and learn more about donating to the Red Cross's benefits for those whose property was damaged here.

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