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A dust storm from the Sahara Desert is moving through Europe and making the sky look like a scene out of The Martian or Blade Runner 2049.

The massive orange-red dust cloud has been blowing westward across Europe this week, transforming the skies over Portugal, Spain, France and Switzerland as it makes its way north, towards the U.K.

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Do you ever wonder why you're randomly losing followers or not getting a deserving amount of likes on Instagram? Have you ever heard your Insta-savvy pal forewarn you that "it's not a good time to post"?

Little clues here and there have led many to wonder and believe that there are "rules" to Instagram. But where do these rules come from? Don't waste time scrolling through the Terms and Conditions you initially overlooked - you won't find them there. These "rules" stem from social trends, and outline what works and what doesn't based on how the general audience feels about particular behaviours.

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À mes yeux, l'honnêteté, ça n'a pas de prix. Les personnes qui osent dire ce qu'elles pensent réellement, tout en sachant que leur opinion ne fera pas toujours plaisir à tout le monde, sont selon moi des perles rares dont on aurait besoin en plus grande quantité pour nous aider à apprendre à préférer l'honnêteté à l'hypocrisie...

Elles ont beau être aimées par plusieurs, leur incapacité à se taire dans certains moments-clé leur nuit plus que ne les aide au quotidien.

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