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A Florida reporter in Charlotte County, around the Fort Myers area, spent her day just like any other covering the local news. Although her daily coverage was a bit different, and it wasn't just because of Hurricane Ian.

NBC2's Kyla Galer kept her microphone from getting water damage by putting a condom over it, and you bet the Internet went wild over this trick to keep her equipment safe.

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Florida's Gulf Coast got hit hard by Hurricane Ian. Videos of the damage were posted to TikTok by those impacted. The natural disaster almost hit Category 5 and more than 2 million people saw power outages.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis held a press conference today and said that there are two fatalities, though it is not confirmed if the storm was the cause of death.

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As Floridians track Hurricane Ian, they took to TikTok to share their seasonal preparations. One grocery store that's famous in the state, Publix, is trying to look at the (not so) bright side of the natural disaster.

The bakery there is known for its decorative pastries and the Kissimmee location didn't shy away from commemorating another event that was just icing on the cake...literally.

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Florida hurricane season is in full swing, and if there is one thing you need to know about Hurricane Ian is that it's expected to hit the Gulf Coast as a Category 3 or 4.

That area is hyper-focused on Tampa and those who live there are on TikTok telling non-Floridians what to really be afraid of...and it isn't the weather. In fact, it's the storm chaser who gives the forecast on the Weather Channel, Jim Cantore.

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PrĂ©pare-toi Ă  passer la soirĂ©e les yeux rivĂ©s au ciel ce 19 aoĂ»t, car tu pourrais apercevoir un spectacle cĂ©leste assez majestueux. Une tempĂȘte gĂ©omagnĂ©tique de forte intensitĂ© se dĂ©ploie depuis les derniers jours, crĂ©ant ainsi des conditions propices Ă  l'observation des aurores borĂ©ales, et ce, mĂȘme au-dessus du QuĂ©bec.

Bien que l'apogĂ©e de cette tempĂȘte ait atteint une force de catĂ©gorie G3 (fort) ce 18 aoĂ»t, l'activitĂ© gĂ©omagnĂ©tique va demeurer Ă  un niveau modĂ©rĂ© (G2) dans la nuit de vendredi Ă  samedi alors que la National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) prĂ©voit un index K de 4 Ă  6.

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