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nova scotia house for sale

This cheap house for sale in Nova Scotia has an amazing price and a proximity to the ocean that makes it an great little slice of east coast ocean paradise ... after a little bit of fixing up of course!

Listed for just $150,000, this house in the gorgeous waterfront community of Westport, Nova Scotia, is just right across the road from the ocean and has a whole lot of "character," all for cheaper than a tiny condo in most Canadian cities.

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If you are on the hunt for the perfect house in Nova Scotia, this listing is an ocean lover's dream come true. Located in Victoria Beach, this two-bedroom home is on one of the most beautiful pieces of land we've ever laid eyes on.

The home sits on 3.34 landscaped acres and the property comes with an additional 7.53-acre lot of oceanfront forest. The yard looks like a luxury golf course and since the home sits up high on a bluff, the views are truly immaculate.

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