Get ready for the scare of your life - one escape room in Canada claims to be scariest in the country, and it definitely lives up to that reputation!

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Escape rooms can be fun, but sometimes it feels like a certain element of surprise is missing.  For those of you looking for an escape room on a whole new level, we've got you covered.  Nowayout escape rooms in Mississauga is the first horror-themed escape facility in Canada, and people are freaking out.

Nowayout recently opened 13 Sedah Ave. which is their first "haunted" escape room. This escape room only has a 40% success rate, meaning that over half of the people who go inside cannot find their way out before their allotted time (70 minutes) is over.   13 Sedah Ave. looks like it's right out of a horror movie.  Disheveled and deteriorating decor, bloody lettering covering the bathroom walls, and a distinct lack of communication with the outside world.

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