nuclear war

Russia's top diplomat is warning that there is a "serious" and "real" risk of nuclear war if NATO countries continue to arm Ukraine, and that things could escalate.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov issued the warning during a wide-ranging interview on Tuesday with a state-controlled news station in Russia, Reuters reports. He was responding to a question about how important it was for Russia to avoid nuclear war and a worldwide conflict, according to Al Jazeera.

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For anyone who hasn't been keeping up with everything happening in North Korea, here's what you need to know. Kim Jong Un, the current North Korean Supreme Leader has been spending a lot of time and energy in ramping up his missile launch program in an attempt to perfect accuracy and range.

Since February, the Korean dictator has launched 21 missiles. To put that into perspective, in his short time as leader (only 6 years) he's tested more missiles than his father and grandfather did in their combined reign. 

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When it comes to zombie preparedness, Canada is one of the best. It's been ranked the 2nd best country for surviving a zombie apocalypse, and it even has a zombie survival camp that trains its citizens how to handle The Walking Dead type of situations.

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