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If North American nude beaches aren't cutting it for you anymore — or you’d rather go naked in a place where no one knows you — then Spain’s got one of the top beaches in Europe for evening out your tan.

And the best part? Even the nearby restaurants and hotels are clothing optional!

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Britney Spears, her new husband Sam Asghari and ex-husband Kevin Federline have been drawn into a public fight about her kids and her nude photos on Instagram, and it's getting ugly fast.

Federline, who shares sons Sean, 15, and Jayden, 16, with Spears, recently told the Daily Mail that the boys don't want to see their mother, and that's why they skipped her recent wedding.

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Hier, l'Internet a explosé alors que le compte Instagram de l'ex-copine de Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, a été piraté. Lors de ce piratage, des photos de l'artiste nues ont été publiées et sont restées sur son compte Instagram personnel pendant trop longtemps. 

Si tu n'as pas vu celles-ci, voici notre version censurée (désolé, je n'encouragerai pas la propagation de photos nues sans consentement):

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As a makeup geek, I can tell you right now that as much as I love summer, I hate putting in 40 minutes worth of effort in the morning only to have my makeup sweat off my face within 10 minutes of walking outside.

Hallelujah for fall! The temperatures are finally coming down and I can FINALLY start caking on the makeup again 🙊 #noshame. Not only that, I can start layering on that sexy, dark lipstick again too.

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Every so often our favorite beauty brands release new exclusive products. Sometimes they can be a hit or miss. And we all know beauty products can cost an arm and a leg.

READ MORE: 17 Products Every Sephora Addict Needs To Own

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