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Orleans, let's admit it: we're often overlooked. When tourists come to the city or when people are looking up new places to eat in Ottawa, they're always drawn to somewhere in the ByWard Market or some place in the centre.

The real truth is that some of the best places to eat in the city, believe it or not, are right here in suburbia. For a suburb so outside the downtown core, Orleans has practically every cuisine you can imagine: Vietnamese, burgers, poutine. All of which people come from all across the city to actually try.

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Finding affordable places to eat in Ottawa isn't always easy. One of your friends always bails because they're broke AF right now, plus none of you can ever agree on where to go grab a bite.

So for your sanity, taste buds, and pleasure, I've come up with a list of 12 cheap eats that are delicious and affordable. It'll probably still be a miracle if all of your friends can agree on a restaurant, but who said anything about only going to one

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