october forecast

Ontario's weather will finally be getting appropriately chilly this week after a long strong stretch of late summer-like conditions.

According to The Weather Network, the province's delayed trend of 20 C days, which challenged a 75-year-old record over Thanksgiving weekend, will continue in southern parts of the province for Tuesday and Wednesday.

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The Weather Network has called for unseasonably warm October temperatures throughout Canada, that is except in B.C.

After detailing that weather across the provinces is expected to be generally warmer than normal, The Weather Network noted that the area of B.C. and Yukon "is the one part of Canada where we do not expect above normal temperatures during October."

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Ontario's October forecast is predicting a nice extension of warm temperatures with the arrival of truly wintry weather being pushed back until next year.

According to The Weather Network, this month will largely be dominated by "warmer than normal temperatures" with daytime highs feeling like 30 C this weekend in Toronto and low 20s settling in next week.

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