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A French man just won the legal right to say “f*ck no” to every holiday party for the rest of his life, after challenging his old job’s decision to fire him because he wasn’t “fun.”

The man, referred to only as Mr T, was working for a consultancy firm called Cubik Partners in 2015 when he was axed for “professional incompetence,” according to court documents from the ruling earlier this month. He'd been working there for about four years and was promoted in 2014, but he was fired after failing to embody the company's "fun and pro" values.

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New research has found that remote workers in Canada are feeling reluctant to return to the office full-time.

In fact, research from staffing firm Robert Half found that around 33% of professionals currently working from home in Canada would actually look for a new job if they were required to go back to the office permanently.

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There's a video of Erin O'Toole saying that Justin Trudeau's office should be moved to a porta-potty and it's going viral.

Someone on Twitter shared a clip of the Conservative leader talking about Trudeau while outside of the prime minister's office.

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A Toronto burger restaurant just came up with a crazy hack to get your boss to pay for your food.

Good Fortune Burger has disguised some of its dishes as office supplies in hopes that customers can expense their meal.

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If you’ve been working from your bedroom, kitchen table or couch over the last year, you could be eligible for the government’s new work from home tax deduction in Canada.

It was opened up to millions of people ahead of tax time in 2021, to give money back to Canadians who’ve been working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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