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There's no denying that the first snowfall is a beautiful sight, but it also serves as a reminder of what's to come. Adjusting to the transition of seasons and a colder climate has always been a struggle.

Winter is definitely a major culprit for skincare problems, but previous years are no match for the winter of 2020. Canadians are used to the bone-chilling weather that comes along with winter, as well as the dry skin, chapped lips, and potential frostbite.

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Just when it looked like nothing would quite be the same this year, pumpkin spice season is back to reassure us that there's still some good in 2020.

The annual tradition that's synonymous with cozy knits, fuzzy socks, and that distinct nip in the air that tells you that fall has arrived is highly anticipated amongst autumn aficionados, and with it comes an array of pumpkin-spiced treats and drinks.

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