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oily skin

Ask a million beauty bloggers what's the most important thing about makeup? They're most likely going to say having good skin. Now, as most of us know first hand, skin can be tricky to deal with. Some of us are blessed with blemish-less, even skin, but some of us aren't. So the next most important thing is creating a beautiful base canvas to work with - cue your primer and foundation.

Foundations and primers are probably the most personal makeup items one can own - your absolute favourite holy grail foundation could be the absolute death of someone else. This is because the primers and foundations you use have to cater to your skin. And as the beautiful snowflakes that we are, most of us don't have the same skin type.

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Face masks have been the going thing for our generation, and with that, there has been so many different kinds to choose from. With each different mask promising to fix or improve something different, it has us thinking, could perfect skin really be this easy?

Well, depending on your skin type, there is a mask made for everyone and I decided to save you the work by trying out all of them! With combination skin, one product is simply not enough for me. So here is a rundown on all of the different face masks on the market today, and what each mask exactly did.

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