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Olympic athletes putting TikTok to good use at the Beijing Winter Games this year, where they're giving us an inside look at all the little behind-the-scenes traditions that we might not see otherwise.

And when you're a five-time Olympian like Shaun White, you've probably got a lot of traditions.

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The Olympics just witnessed a Tonya Harding moment, but instead of a triple axel, a Russian figure skater just pulled off a quadruple jump.

Russian Kamila Valieva, 15, won a gold medal for her team by executing one of the most challenging jumps in the sport, the quadruple, not once but twice in her routine. And she did it as one of the youngest athletes at the Games.

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Attention thrill-seekers: If you haven't had your adventure fix in a while, there's an epic new mountain rollercoaster in the U.S. that you'll definitely want to put on your bucket list.

The Cliffside Coaster, the longest mountain rollercoaster in North America, recently opened in New York's Lake Placid and the views (and the curves) will take your breath away.

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There is no shortage of amazing athletes in the Rio 2016 Olympic games.   They exude ambition, determination, strength  and will power.  Which are all pretty attractive traits, so it's no shock that there are some incredible power couples competing in Rio.

Sharing your accomplishments, struggles and goals with your significant other is all part of having a healthy relationship, and these olympians are experts in all three! These couples support each other on and off the field (or pool, or velodrome, or arena etc.), and we love getting to see them so happy!

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