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olympic village

There's a big difference between the Olympic Village and the isolation hotels in Beijing — and athletes don't seem impressed.

Every day, athletes and teammates have to get tested for COVID-19, and a positive result can seriously screw up four years of training and planning.

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Let's face it: even the best convenience stores are a little chaotic.

The makeup is next to the chips, the greeting cards are beside the toilet paper and certain things look like they haven't been touched in years.

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You most definitely clicked because you saw the name Earnest. And your heart sprung and skipped a beat when you read "two new locations". Well spring on and keep skipping, because you read right. Earnest Ice Cream just opened up a new location on Commercial and are set to open another in North Vancouver! 

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Put away the Jack-o-Lanterns and get out the tinsel, it's officially the winter holiday season. November is more or less one big pre-game for the December holiday extravaganzas, and in Vancouver the festivities are just around the corner. This year there's something extra special in store for Vancouverites:

The world's largest Christmas light maze is coming to town. Enchant is made up of over 55,000 square feet of illuminated sculptures, and will take over Olympic Village (1st Ave & Crowe Street) starting November 25th.

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