The members of One Direction have been killing it with their solo careers right now which is a great thing for pop music. Harry Styles released his self-titled album, Niall Horan dropped a couple successful singles, Louis Tomlinson was a judge on The X-Factor, and Liam Payne somehow convinced Quavo to fill a feature spot on Strip That Down. 

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Summer means that ice cream season is upon us! Yep. You've waited all year for this and the payoff is oh, so worth it in Victoria. The city on the island off the coast has all your frozen cream treats dialed in. From inventive ice cream sandwiches made with donuts instead of whatever a traditional ice cream sando comes in, to classic vanilla and all the weird flavours in between! 

Vegan? Lactose isn't your belly's favourite? No problem! Places like Cold Comfort and Kid Sister can accommodate you for sure. And you best believe I've added them to the list! So now you really have no excuse not to try one (or all) of these amazing places. 

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C'est quand même impressionnant, parfois, tout ce qu'on peut trouver sur les réseaux sociaux. Grande part de notre vie, ils représentent une importante ouverture sur le monde et sur tous les types de personnes qui le compose. La majorité du temps, Instagram me fait rêver avec ses photos parfaites (art que je ne maîtrise pas, FYI), et me fait dire: « wow, what a wonderful world ».  

Il y a aussi d'autres moments, où j'ai juste envie de facepalm devant certains mouvements, comme aujourd'hui.  Alors que je pensais que le #DontJudgeChallenge était le summum de l'impertinence, j'ai découvert le #Nutscape. Sincèrement, t'es pas prêt à entendre ce que c'est.

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We all know Toronto is the filming locale for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. So it was only a matter of time before we saw a celebrity roaming the streets of our fine city. But right off the bat they hit us with JARED LETO. Like at least ease us into it!

Leto was seen riding his bike yesterday down at York and Adelaide. Full on with green joker hair! EEEP! Shout out to 102.1 the Edge for posting the awesome picture!