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Canadians love some pretty particular food items, and it may surprise you to learn that you can't buy Canuck products just anywhere. TikTok users are pointing out some of the snacks you can apparently only get in Canada, and honestly, we're hurt.

From specific chocolates and sugary drinks to unique cereal choices, the Great White North definitely has some interesting goodies to get acquainted with.

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When it comes to things that are uniquely Canadian, the Great White North has quite a few things that can be labelled as "only in Canada."

Over on TikTok, creators are highlighting moments that are so hilariously spot on, like @kopke613's sketch on "Sh*t you only hear in Canada."

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Although you probably don't need to be further convinced that Canada is the best country in the world, this list will definitely give you another reason to believe it. As it turns out, there are a lot of incredible treats available in Canada that Americans just don't have the same access to.

For starters, the British import ban in the States means that they are not receiving a lot of the good sweet stuff we are.

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We all know at least one person who proudly claims to have never broken the law before. But realistically speaking, it's highly doubtful that anyone is a complete angel. Surely the majority of us have jaywalked before at least once, or loitered somewhere where we weren't supposed to. And even if you haven't, in Canada, there are a couple of obscure laws still in place today that you may have broken without knowing; just because they are so easy to overlook.

So before you go around telling people you're pure to the bone, check out these weird laws that are still in effect in Ontario to make sure you haven't broken any of them.  Some of them are specific to certain locations in Ontario, while others apply to all of Ontario as well as nationwide:

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