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Ahh Senioritis has hit Western kids hard. An illness where students in their final year of university or college (with little motivation) finally realize that "adulting" is just around the corner.

Before stepping into the real world where dollar beers turn into $10 beers, it's time to take advantage of your last few weeks at University as a free-loving Western student.

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MTV is known for their outrageous and usually over the top reality television, and we cannot deny that it was all pretty addictive.  There is a good chance that a couple of the shows on this list were your mid-2000's guilty pleasure.

Sadly gone are the days of finding your significant other after raiding their teenage bedroom, or throwing the biggest and brattiest sweet sixteen and broadcasting it on international television.  Lucky for us we are still able to look back on some of the most iconic and legendary reality TV shows to grace MTV.

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