ontario digital ids

You will be holding onto your plastic driver's licence for a little while longer because Ontario's Digital IDs are getting delayed until next year.

Ontario's Digital Identity program was set to launch sometime this year and it would have granted Ontarians the choice to ditch their physical government-issued photo ID cards for something they could just have on their phones instead.

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Earlier this week, on September 8, the Ontario government announced that digital IDs will soon be available for all Ontarians who wish to trade up their plastic cards for something more mobile (literally).

Narcity readers sent us their questions about the digital ID program on Instagram. We went through all of the government's news releases about digital IDs and spoke to a representative from the office of Kaleed Rasheed, the province's Associate Minister of Digital Information.

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The fear of forgetting your ID at home will soon be behind you as the Ontario government has announced that digital identity is set to launch in late 2021.

In a news release issued on September 8, the province revealed the standards and technology that'll form Ontario's "digital identity ecosystem." When fully launched, the digital ID will let people and businesses prove who they are both online and in-person with built-in safety features that'll protect your privacy and personal info.

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