ontario flower festivals

You can follow a yellow bloom trail as you pick your own bouquet from a sunflower field in Ontario this summer.

Pingle's Farm Market is having their Sunflower Experience again this August with new activities and even more flowers. They have over 100,000 sunflowers in a 6.5-acre field, and have also added a garden of wildflowers this season for you to enjoy.

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You can take a trip through golden fields at this stunning sunflower farm near Toronto this summer.

Pingle's Farm Market is bringing back its Sunflower Experience starting in August, and it's even bigger this year.

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An enchanting purple wonderland awaits one hour from Toronto. Ontario's largest lavender farm, Terre Bleu Lavender Farm, is reopening on July 1.

This summer, the farm will be dreamier than ever, as they have dramatically increased the number of lavender plants from approximately 65,000 to 75,000.

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