ontario private island

You don't need to spend your life savings in order to stay on a private island. This new Airbnb in Ontario lets you and your besties enjoy that private island life without breaking the bank.

This is the first year the island has been available to rent on Airbnb. Located in Parry Sound, the spot of land features a cozy cottage that sleeps up to nine guests.

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Ontario has the perfect Airbnb for both those who miss traveling to faraway destinations and people who love the idea of camping, but not the work involved. You can stay on a little private island in the middle of a river, in the ultimate glamping tent.

The Airbnb setup will have you imagining African-safari treks through uncharted lands, yet have the safety and privacy of a secluded stay in Ontario. It has serious Indiana Jones vibes, without the impending doom.

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An Ontario island for sale is offering residents the chance to purchase their own private paradise at a surprisingly affordable price.

1 Big Virgin Island, located in Nipigon, Ontario, is a unique real estate opportunity for anyone looking to invest in something outside of the city.

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