ontario salary

Ontario jobs are apparently ripe and ready for the taking if you ask Premier Doug Ford, but the story for those actually looking for a job in Ontario right now is sounding a whole lot different.

On top of rising interest rates in Canada and the cost of living, people who are job hunting seem to be getting more and more annoyed with the Ontario job market, specifically when it comes to salaries and whether or not companies post a salary range for a position they're trying to fill.

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If you're tired of sifting through Ontario jobs that don't offer the complete package then you'll probably be excited by these worthwhile finds.

Multiple positions are now hiring that not only offer competitive salaries but also offer plenty of eye-catching perks, making them the perfect opportunities for anyone looking to move up their field in a rewarding way.

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If you've ever wondered what the least exciting, yet still incredibly expensive thing you can purchase in the 6ix is, look no further than Toronto parking spaces.

A spot located on Yonge Street is currently on sale for a whopping $120,000 and other spots in the downtown core aren't much cheaper.

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