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If you've ever taken an at-home rapid antigen test before, then you're probably aware of how uncomfortable it is swabbing that long, skinny Q-tip up your nose. The whole rapid testing experience may get a whole lot worse depending on who you ask because, well, apparently the nostrils aren't enough.

Ontario's COVID-19 Science Advisory Table published a science brief on February 10 where it added more steps on how to properly use at-home rapid antigen tests.

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While Premier Doug Ford has already publicly rejected the idea of vaccine passports in the province, Ontario's COVID-19 Science Advisory Table just released its recommendations for having them.

In a 21-page brief published Wednesday, July 21, science table experts break down how "vaccine certificates" could be used in Ontario on both a short-term and long-term basis in various settings.

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Ontario's science advisory table is recommending a very different school year for students across the province this September — one that includes extracurricular activities and a more relaxed approach to masking and physical distancing.

In a brief released Monday, the advisory table said schools should remain open for in-person learning unless under "catastrophic circumstances."

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