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Marineland is getting in some hot water online. A video of Kiska the orca, one of Marineland's sea life attractions, has received thousands of likes, retweets and upvotes after it was posted online on July 16, revitalizing calls for the animal to be freed.

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The majestic orca has long been the proud symbol of our incredible city. The marine life in the waters of BC is abundant and diverse, but there is no greater creature than the mighty whale. British Columbia is home to dozens of whale species, 23 to be exact, according to the Vancouver Aquarium. That includes, dolphins and porpoises too because we don't want to discriminate. If you find these mega marine mammals as fascinating as I do, it's not enough to just read about them and look at pictures – you have to get out on the water!

Lucky for you, BC has some of the best whale watching tours in the world. You can spot the beautiful ocean beasts from boat, plane, or kayak. All of these tours promise to get you close to the action and in these seas, your chance of spotting the spray from their blowhole as they surface is quite high. That means you're likely to see a breach and I assure you, there is little more impressive than that in our wild world.

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