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Perth, often considered the prettiest town in Ontario and rightfully so. This little town in the heart of beautiful Lanark County breathes rich culture and an age-old heritage that lives on through the grey brick walls of its historic buildings. It's a city of green parks, perched on the Tay River, surrounded by untouched nature and one of Ontario's most picturesque provincial parks.

If you haven't already visited this small town, now is the utmost perfect time. With spring soon in bloom and the warm weather coming in, some of Perth's best restaurants will be opening up their patios. Now's the time to get out explore. The best part? It's all only an hour's away from Ottawa and makes for the perfect day trip.

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Wing night: For some of us, it's sacredIt's the driving force that will determine which bar you're going to head out to with your friends.

If you're going to go out for drinks with the squad, you're obviously going to want to eat, especially if the food is cheap. And, naturally, what better food is there at a bar than the wings? Well, there's the nachos; but that's going to be another article.

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