If you're like me, you once dreamed of owning a home in your childhood neighbourhood. Maybe your favourite with red brick, white pillars and a wrap around porch. Or a huge garden and a in-ground pool. This is usually the image kids grow up thinking about - what to expect when they grow up. Who they'll be and where they'll live. 

Well according to these news stats from RedPin, we can kiss home ownership goodbye - at least, for a very very long time. Two separated real estate companies conducted their own studies to conclude that millennials will need to rake in some serious cash before ever owning a pair of house keys. The average cost of a detached home in Toronto is a cringe-worthy $1.15 million, meaning that you and your partner would have to be bringing in $200,000 to call the place your own.

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This Friday, Netflix will release a new film titled To The Bone starring Lily Collins, a film who's plot revolves around a girl suffering from anorexia nervosa. The film follows the protagonist, Ellen, through her fifth-and-final round of treatment. Ellen throughout the movie tries to figure out both how to live and eat, as she literally appears to be a walking corpse to both her family and viewers.

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